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About Axiscope SAS :

Since 2013, AXISCOPE, a french software provider, has been developing and marketing its collaborative solution for digitizing purchasing and supplier quality processes to its customers in France and abroad. Available in multilingual versions, Axiscope deploys its solutions on international projects covering the continents of Asia, Europe, Africa and the Americas.

Based on the latest technological advances, Axiscope Digital Sourcing and Procurement Platform covers the entire purchasing management cycle to help buyers improve the reliability of their supplier panel, make supplier relations more fluid, manage purchasing actions and commitments, and improve the quality of products and services.

Since 2017, Axiscope is a 58% owned subsidiary of LMG Finance Group, leader in International Sourcing, and benefits from the Group's support by being integrated in their cash management. LMG Finance's investment in Axiscope allows it to diversify its activities in a rapidly changing market: digitalization of the economy and new innovative marketing channels.


Axiscope Digital Sourcing and Procurement Platform

AXISCOPE DIGITAL SOURCING AND PROCUREMENT PLATFORM is based on Web 2.0 technologies in order to offer robust solutions quick to implement, easy to use and meeting with the needs of companies in order to decompartmentalize the Purchasing function by increasing collaboration with specifiers and suppliers.

AXISCOPE DIGITAL SOURCING AND PROCUREMENT PLATFORM enables the automation and digitization of purchasing processes, connects buyers to their internal customers and suppliers, and facilitates collaborative work throughout the entire sourcing, supplier qualification, purchasing, contractualization, quality and non-conformance management cycle.

Offered in SaaS mode, AXISCOPE DIGITAL SOURCING AND PROCUREMENT PLATFORM integrates purchasing processes and data into a single, integrated platform that can be accessed by employees and suppliers wherever they are and whatever terminal they are using: PC, MAC, tablet or Smartphone, thus providing maximum traceability.

This S2P platform has business modules covering the entire upstream perimeter of the Purchasing process: from SIM (Supplier Information Management) to SRM (Supplier Relationship Management), from Supplier and Purchasing Performance to Procurement and Quality management, in particular :

  • Management of supplier panels
  • Organization of calls for tender
  • Monitoring and steering supplier performance
  • Shared management of contracts
  • E-Procurement
  • Quality process management (APQP)
  • Operational management of claims
  • Management of penalties (charge-back)
  • Action plan monitoring
  • Purchasing performance management
  • Collaborative innovation with suppliers
  • Development of decision-making dashboards for Purchasing

A collaborative platform

AXISCOPE facilitates information sharing and collaborative execution of "Sourcing to Order" purchasing processes, the management of supplier relationships, the development and monitoring of projects and purchasing action plans, by involving specifiers and suppliers.

Axiscope DSP's native collaborative features include community management, activity flows, action plans, calendars, event management, messaging, notifications and alerts, Chat....

These functions facilitate exchanges through a direct relationship between all participants in the Purchasing process for greater efficiency. Buyers, specifiers, lawyers and financiers are fully involved in the implementation of purchasing and supplier management strategies.

The company can improve communication with its suppliers as well as with its internal customers, implement and share methods and best practices, initiate innovation projects, and make supplier qualification information more reliable. It has a better knowledge of its suppliers in order to optimize the supply process and anticipate risks.


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