Axiscope Solutions




Axiscope DSP allows to manage and track supplier compliance within a regulatory and quality scope, check which certifications suppliers have and manage “risk criteria”, the values of which can be directly consulted in the supplier file.

The company relies on the performance and quality of its supplier panel. High economic dependance, key supplier failure, quality issues concerning manufactured products or factory shutdown are some of the risks to which a company is exposed.

These risks can be anticipated and handled upstream by managing supplier regulatory compliance, monitoring compliance indicators according to a quality standard and certifications, while anticipating potential risks.

In Axiscope DSP, quality, compliance or risk criteria are added by buyers for each supplier. They can be added manually or by selecting them from a standard criteria list in administration. Criteria-based values can be adapted.

Whether it be for compliance, risk or certification criteria, the application allows to anticipate a compliance, resolution or certification date and set a timeline for an alert to trigger a notification to the user.

This information is summarized and transferred to the supplier file or displayed for each supplier in the search features. Lastly, it is possible to allow buyers to override this step using connectors with external data suppliers, such as e-Attestations, Altares, Provigis, etc. to automatically obtain the information and compliance criteria you need.