Axiscope Solutions


Need: You want to measure supplier performance in real time and continuously while involving collaborators with the right profiles. You want to set up an operational progress policy and prepare joint progress plans.
Solution: You prepare surveys for a panel and performance criteria that have been previously defined. You open consultation to collaborators responsible for performance evaluations. You share the results in real time with a comparative summary, while promoting cooperation between evaluators. You establish progress plans and schedule reviews of this plan.
Benefits: You monitor supplier performance reflecting reality in the field. You identify failures and anticipate potential risks. You can set up a consistent operational progress policy for suppliers. You can update contractual requirements with justifications.


The a posteriori evaluation carried out on a regular basis makes it possible to assess the effective performance of the supplier during the contractual phase and after placing the order. It allows one to check the supplier’s deliverables and put in place the appropriate corrective plans.

You put together a performance evaluation project of a defined panel with objectives, deadlines, and KPIs. You develop questionnaires, choice of criteria and valuation rule configurations as a team and in a collaborative manner.

You collectively define relevant objectives and measurement indicators. Your rating is consistent, and comparisons are periodic and classified by dates. You share graphs and dashboards and follow evolution in real time.