Axiscope Solutions


Need: You need to dynamically manage your contracts and inform your collaborators in real time of any amendments.
Solution: You collectively and securely co-draft your documents. You define the approval workflow and choose the best necessary changes made by your collaborators to your document.
Benefits: You have complete control from start to finish of contract development and necessary updates. Teams are informed in real time of the amendments made.


Contracts are directly entered into the application and are linked to organizations and projects defined on the platform. Each company member can identify contracts on which he can rely Each member of the company can thus identify as early as possible the contracts on which he or she may rely for their purchases. The user decides and also chooses the groups of users who can consult the contract details. Entering a contract automatically creates a business relationship with the other party. The co-drafting function allows you to create legal contract items collaboratively and to validate a version selected by the Contract Manager. Contracts lines define requirements associated with the contract and can be linked to performance indicators. They can also be associated with information which may result from other applications, such as invoice details, amounts paid, orders made, etc.