Axiscope Solutions


Need: You want to drive communities to share documents, notices, ideas and recommendations. You need to identify the right profiles and skills to collaborate on a given project.
Solution: You create a space for the contributors and experts for a given project. You search the profile database and invite the right contacts to the community created. You disseminate information regarding progress and discuss options. You complete documentary research and share publications on a specific theme or specialty.
Benefits: You promote the exchanging and sharing of knowledge and skills. You identify the right profiles and skills to conduct projects. You create common methods or project approaches that are adapted to each case.


Groups allow users working on the same teams or sharing similar interests to discuss, share content, publish articles, or offer their experience or expertise on a given subject.

They are a social group and space for communicating and sharing information based on a specific subject or sector. They are accessible to users who have been invited or those who have decided to join.

Group members can consult or interact through group activity feeds, access all documents shared by other members and participate in content indexation with hashtags. They can also start discussions, create and submit flash polls.

Groups can be created by any user who wants to launch a community, professional interest group or any group dedicated to a specific passion. At creation, the owner decides if the group is public and open to all or accessible by invitation only.

You can find groups using the search function or by consulting groups where your contacts or experts are identified.