Axiscope Solutions




Axiscope's e-Procurement modules allow you to simplify, automate and accelerate the processes related to each stage of the purchasing life cycle: catalogs, purchase requests, orders, receipts, invoice processing to make your purchasing policy a lever for performance and competitiveness of your company. By helping you automate time-consuming tasks with low added value, you gain productivity by reducing processing times and the risk of error while respecting business rules.

Management of purchase requests and orders: With the Axiscope e-Procurement solution, you automate the process of transforming the expression of need (purchase requests) into a supplier order (purchase orders) and reduce data entry errors. Internal customer-purchaser-supplier communication is facilitated thanks to the multiple sending methods: notifications, Supplier Portal or customer internal IS interface.

Catalog and item database management: The Axiscope Catalog Management solution allows users to easily access, without prior training, in a single interface, internal catalogs and “punch-out” catalogs made available by their purchasing department. Combining an intuitive article search and an e-commerce site-type purchasing experience, users have access to a powerful search tool allowing them to browse all supplier catalogs, punch-outs, internal catalogs, validated by the Purchasing teams.

Managing receipts: You manage receipts by indicating the quantity received for a given order, which remains open until the total quantity is delivered. In the event of a complaint, you create a return for non-compliance and the order will be closed only when all of it has been delivered and received in conformity.

Invoicing and dematerialization of invoices: Save time for your teams by managing and dematerializing Supplier invoices. The Axiscope e-Procurement solution allows you to activate recognition and intelligent reconciliation to fully automate these time-consuming processes.