Axiscope Solutions


Need: You want to easily and dynamically create RFx campaigns with suppliers and service providers. You need to get collaborators involved in the selection and final choice.
Solution: Projects and associated needs (needs, deliverables, deadlines) are conceived as a team. You can structure it, organize it into batches, responsibilities, deliverables, estimates, etc. You create the panel of companies to consult and evaluators. You collect answers and evaluate offers in a concerted fashion. You share comparative synthesis and make the final choice.
Benefits: Calls for tenders are created in a collective fashion. The creation of online questionnaires is flexible and quick. Within your team, you streamline evaluation processes and tender consultation. Your decision-making is fast, collective and justified.


The application offers you every tool to create a project, define priorities and identify calls for tenders to launch. Once your project is defined, in just a few clicks you select the companies you want to consult.

The Axiscope engine allows you to preparate questionnaires submitted to suppliers in a confidential and secured fashion. Only the companies chosen, and the contacts identified can access RFx files and documents.

Once potential supplier tenders are submitted via the platform, you can track their evaluation by the project group in charge of the call for tenders. Consolidation of the notes collected allows one to compare and establish supplier sorting and ranking.

The selection of collaborators in charge of evaluation is performed by the buyer. They can choose the tender sections that they want to be visible to collaborators, for example they can choose to not display a financial questionnaire to prescribers at first.