Axiscope Solutions


Need: The quality of services and supplies of your suppliers has a direct impact on your plans and your economic performance. The implementation of formal and joint progress plans with your suppliers allows you to secure your plans and guarantee a profitable long-term relationship.
Solution: Based on the performance analysis results, you identify the items that are falling short of the objectives and thresholds you have defined. You establish progress plans with suppliers to understand the indicators to improve, monitoring frequency and the methods of measuring results. In each review meeting, you certify progress and consequently adapt action plans.
Benefits: Your suppliers are involved in your progress and continuous improvement policy. They certify results with you and contribute to action plans which allow to improve efficiency and the relationship as a whole. The social network creates a link between teams and involves them in the performance assessment and results.


Progress plan development starts with items that do not comply with the expected results for each performance indicator. Progress plans allow to identify the margin of progress for each indicator measuring any underperformance according to threshold, objective or average based on the supplier panel results.

The progress plan is accompanied by a work plan supported by a schedule of reviews in which the supplier can participate if desired.

At each review, participants have the initial position of the supplier, by criterion and compared to the supplier average, as well as consecutive results from measurement campaigns launched after the creation of the progress plan.

The report can be drawn up during the session and made available to all participants with the corresponding record of decisions and adaptations to the initial progress plan.